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Pour en savoir plus

To learn more about custom knifemaking in general, and also the making of my knives; I invite you to consult the following four sections on my web site.

Section 1"The making of a knife", explain and illustrates the principal stages in the making of my knives.

Section 2 "Materials", you will find a list of the materials I generally use in my knives and also information on each.

Section 3 "Anatomy of a knife", you will learn the name of the different parts and pieces of a knife and also the types of assembly to make a knife.

Section 4 "Vocabulary", you will find the definition of the words used in knifemaking.

Do not hesitate to suggest any other items to put on these pages.

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Tje knife shop

Man has made knives for thousands of years. It's one of the first tools ever made and also one of the first weapons.

Knives have greatly improved with the use of new and improved steels, but the basic knife has not changed : a blade and a handle !

On the other hand, the shape of the knife and handle can be changed by using different steels and materials. Some details such as handle shape, blade shape and cutting edge can make a knife to suit different needs and uses.

To make a special knife, technical knowledge and training is needed. A handmade knife demands a lot of patience, manual skills and a certain artistic ability.

Fortunately with modern tools, it's now a lot easier to make a knife. Despite that I have decided to make my custom knives by using simple hand operated tools (no automatic or computerised machines).